"Overdrawn Over Christmas" set to light up phone lines like a Christmas tree

It's the perfect novelty holiday song for these trying times, and this week Bill Hennes of AllAboutCountry.com is beginning to work "Overdrawn Over Christmas" to Radio. The tempo song is timely, it's hooky, it's funny, and as Bill wrote last week, "Wow....this is a SMASH.....love it!" Tommy Joe Wilson, who many on the Row believe is poised to become the next breakout star from the Lone Star State, sings the heck out of this very danceable song. The veteran Country programmer Jay Phillips said, "I've been picking hits for 30 years. THIS is a hit!" The writers include veteran hitmakers Duane Hitchings (he wrote four of Rod Stewart's biggest, including "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?") and Don Goodman (writer of Blake Shelton's "Ol' Red," Alabama's "Angels Among Us" and many more), and the lovely Oklahoma singer/songwriter and veteran Radio sales star Amy Jack. "Overdrawn Over Christmas" will also be serviced to Radio via cdTEX in San Antonio.

"Overdrawn" is perfectly timed for this holiday season, when it seems that everybody, including major banks and Fortune 500 corporations - and even the U.S. Government - are overdrawn themselves. Companies big and small are laying off employees and shutting their doors, so your listeners will certainly relate to "Overdrawn Over Christmas," which is far stronger musically and more relatable lyrically than "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," which has gotten holiday spins every year since 1984. "Overdrawn Over Christmas" is guaranteed to give your listeners 3 minutes of smiling relief from the challenges this holiday season. -

By Phil Sweetland, Publisher, Country Insider weekly Enewsletter for Country Radio